For the day of your interview, be sure dress appropriately, be on time, communicate professionally, ask questions and follow up with a thank you note.

Knowing the details of the job posting and the employer's website is crucial. Arm yourself with knowledge about the organization, position and industry. Gorillas4Hire can provide you valuable information. The Career Resource Center (CRC) also has extensive online resources.

Attend any employer information sessions. Schedule a Mock Interview to help you become comfortable with the interviewing process.

Sample Interview Questions (with comments)


**NEW** Big Interview

Big Interview is an online system that combines training AND practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence.

 You have at your disposal a variety of tools including:

  • Challenging, virtual mock interviews for all experience levels and dozens of industries
  • A database of thousands of interview questions with tips on how to answer them
  • The ability to rate and share your interview answers for feedback
  • A comprehensive video training curriculum covering all aspects of landing a job
  • A step-by-step interview Answer Builder for crafting answers to behavioral questions

Some professors are utilizing Big Interview for their classes. Login to Big Interview here.


Attire / Clothing

A professional appearance can help you make a good first impression. A dark suit (navy blue, black and dark grey) is best. Coordinates are also acceptable. Jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops are NEVER appropriate. Employers may request business casual attire (dress pants / khakis and button-down shirt / blouse). If you are unsure, you are better off better dressing more formally. Here are some more tips on what to wear. Check out our Career Clothes Closet, if you don't have anything to wear!


Don't be Late

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview time. Arriving this early will give you enough time to check the for location information. Sit outside the interview room and wait for the recruiter to call your name.?

If you miss your appointment, you will be subject to "No Show" penalties. Review the cancellation policy to familiarize yourself with the interviewing responsibilities.


Professional Communication

Respect is a key component in a successful interview. Use appropriate and professional language (avoid excessive "likes," "ums" and "you knows"). Foul language does not create a favorable impression. Remember to thank the recruiter at the end of the interview.


Ask Questions

You should always prepare well-thought-out questions for the end of your interview. Asking questions shows your interest in the position and indicates you have done your research. Avoid asking questions can be answered by reviewing their website.

Download example questions to ask the interviewer.


Follow Up

Send a thank-you card, letter or e-mail within 24 hours of your interview. Sending a follow-up message shows your gratitude and helps maintain a relationship with the recruiter. Stop by the CRC for advice on how to craft a thank-you letter.

Mock Interview Photo

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are offered to help you practice your interviewing skills with professional Career Services staff so you may receive constructive feedback on what you do well and suggestions for how you might improve. These may be in preparation to interview for internships, jobs, and admissions to professional programs or graduate schools.

 Sign up for a virtual mock interview

To schedule a virtual mock interview with a Career Services staff member:

  1. Login to Handshake
  2. Click Career Center --> Appointments
  3. Click "Schedule a New Appointment"
  4. Choose "Category" (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  5. Appointment Type = Mock Interview
  6. Select your preferred date and time
  7. Appointment Medium = Virtual (Zoom link will be emailed to you)
  8. Fill in the rest of the details

Sign up for Big Interview


Click here for instructions on how-to register for Big Interview, and record and share your mock interview video.


On-Campus Interview

Sign up for an on-campus interview

See a list of upcoming on-campus interviews

Each year, employers conduct hundreds of interviews on the Pittsburg State University campus to select candidates for entry-level positions, internships, and summer jobs.

You can view upcoming interview schedules on Gorillas4Hire.
































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