Mindy Headshot 2

Mindy Cloninger,

Office: 203 Horace Mann

Phone: 620-235-4140

Kim headshot

Kim Hull,
Assistant Director for Career Development
& Student Employment

Office: 202 Horace Mann

Phone: 620-235-4143

Heather headshot

Heather Busch,
Employer Relations Coordinator

Office: 203 Horace Mann

Phone: 620-235-4141

Jeannice headshot

Jeannice Parker,
Senior Administrative Assistant

Office: 202 Horace Mann

Phone: 620-235-4144

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Our Mission Statement:

The mission statement of the Office of Career Services is to proactively educate students and alumni to make informed career decisions and provide them with assessment, counseling, career courses, resources, along with consultation and employment-related service necessary to optimize their lifespan career development; to network with employers to generate leads; and to support institutionalized outcomes through employment data collection.


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