On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is a great option for many students looking for part-time employment. It certainly has its benefits.

Here are just a few:

  • Flexible hours that will often work around your class schedule
  • Diverse experiences you may not be offered elsewhere
  • Responsibilities and skills that will look great on a resume
  • Most jobs on-campus have a "regular" work day of 8am to 4:30pm
  • Networking with professionals that could prove beneficial after graduation

There are, however, a few things to remember about on-campus employment:

  • An undergrad must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) hours per semester to be employed on-campus
  • A graduate student must be enrolled in a minimum of three (3) hours per semester to be employed in a regular student employment position on-campus
  • To be employed as a graduate assistant a graduate student must be enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) hours per semester
  • University policy limits each student to 20 work hour per week while classes are in session
  • International students should refer to this page for employment guidelines.
  • Many offices are closed or in reduced force during periods when classes are not in session
  • Some jobs are not limited to a "regular" work day . . . certain jobs require evening and/or weekend hours
  • Remember to check Gorillas4Hire for the latest on-campus postings!


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I got an on-campus job, so now what?

If you have obtained an on-campus job there are still a few more steps you need to take in order to complete your employment process. Once you have confirmed your appointment with your supervisor, you should:

  1. Bring documents establishing your identity and employment eligibility to the Student Employment office at 203 Horace Mann. You will need two forms of identification (for example: a photo ID and your original Social Security card or birth certificate, a copy will not be accepted). Find a complete list of acceptable documents here.
  2. Complete the appropriate paperwork at the Student Employment office. You will have to complete tax information so it may be useful if you already know your claiming status.
  3. Direct Deposit is REQUIRED! You must bring a voided check or a deposit slip with you to 203 Horace Mann. A bank or debit card will not work!

The Office of Career Services acts only as a referral service. We make no recommendations or guarantees about the positions and employers listed on Gorillas4Hire. In addition, Career Services is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment.  It is each student’s responsibility to thoroughly research the integrity of each organization to which he or she is applying. The student should take all care and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. All hiring and compensation for work performed by student employees is handled directly between the student and the employer. The Office of Career Services does not perform background checks on employers posting job opportunities.  Please visit the Office of Career Services if you have any concerns or questions about a particular job listing or employer. Our office is located at 203 Horace Mann or we can be reached by calling 620-235-4140 or email gorillas4Hire@pittstate.edu.

We urge all students to use caution in applying for any position. Here are some helpful websites for more information:

Federal Trade Commission: Job Scams

Five tips to avoid job scams

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